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More divine connection, community, and protection

Be confident in your ability to hold space safely and effectively for your loved ones, whilst learning best practices for protecting and caring for yourself throughout.

  • A new and improved version of our cleric certification program
  • Learn the fundamentals of holding space for loved ones who are official Psanctuary members.
  • After ordainment, you will be eligible to hold space for our community members during Psanctuary sponsored services and retreats with an ordained Congregational Minister.
  • Following ordainment, F&F ministers have access to continued weekly group support calls and a hotline for an additional monthly rate. 
  • The MySelf Minister program is a prerequisite to this program.

"The Psanctuary Cleric Program was critical in helping me understand, appreciate and build a deeper respect for the sacrament and its amazing benefits. It also helped me learn the many nuances that are important to helping others to realize maximum benefits from their sacrament experiences. The content of the program is thorough and understandable while presenting it in a way that helps you embody the material, not just "learn" it. The Minister and cohort support helps create a community feel to the program. If you are interested in supporting others through the sacrament as well as learning how to enhance your own sacramental experiences, this is the program for you."

Certified Cleric

"The cleric certification program is a wonderful way to connect with the sacrament without even having to participate in the consumption. The understanding and knowledge I have gained during these 8 weeks will carry over into my whole life for the rest of my life. "

Certified Cleric
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"The Psanctuary Cleric Program provides a safe space to learn about pyschedelic spirituality. Every student is seen, heard, and valued for their own intrapersonal insights and revelations. "

Certified Cleric

"I came to the mushroom for healing and discovered a spiritual side of myself that I had long given up hoping to have. I also discovered that healing and spirituality are paths to follow and not destinations. I hope as a cleric to assist other people on their journeys, whatever their motivations."

Certified Cleric


We are so grateful to offer this program for introductory rates!

(will likely increase in near future) 

After applying our admin will review your application and send over links to pay.

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One-time discounted rate + $50/month MySelf, Cultivation & Friends and Family weekly call subscription following ordainment

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Reduced rates are offered when purchasing multiple programs at once.

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"The Cleric Training program was perfect!  It was manageable in my busy life and the Zooms were a chance to be in community with other seekers.  The information we were taught gave me confidence that I could safely guide others through their mushroom journey.  It made me a more thoughtful and gracious person.   I highly recommend it! ❤️🙏🏻"

Certified Cleric

"Psanctuary's cleric program has given me the confidence to describe my personal relationship to the sacrament backed by a community of fellow believers. This is just the first step in a lifetime process, but I feel I have been given a map and the tools to understand how to celebrate and share the sacrament in a positive and safe way."

Certified Cleric
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