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Becoming a member of Psanctuary gives you access to our growing global community and retreat services.


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With experienced guidance from our lead minister and group support from other ministers with similar motivations, you can be empowered in your personal practice.

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Open to the public every Sunday at 10am Eastern. Click below to gain access via email.


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Like the mycelial network we seek emulate, Psanctuary relies on the support and resources of our community, while giving back health and wholeness to the same. 

We seek to create a nationwide and eventually global community that contributes to the healing of humanity. Your support is incredibly valuable as we grow and even after we are established. 

We accept donations of cash, in-kind and online payment. You can easily donate below. If you would like to offer an in-kind donation of materials, time or other resources please contact us or fill out the volunteer form in the member benefits section of your portal.

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