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More divine connection, community, and protection

Touch base with divine consciousness with subtle sacrament communions throughout the week. This is an intentional practice in tuning in and turning your attention inward. 

  • A suggested communion schedule - 3 times per week with the flexibility to adjust to what is most ideal for your practice
  • 8 Weeks of weekly group coaching calls every Thursday at 7:30 pm Eastern
  • Weekly online journal entries reviewed by your group coach and online communion journal with activity prompts
  • Private discord channel for all other ministers in the program.
  • Sacrament for communion during this program may be requested by the Subtle Sacrament minister
  • Option to complete cultivation certification with an ongoing subtle sacrament ministry subscription (includes ongoing access to weekly cultivation and SS coaching calls after the 8 week programs are over). 

"Run, don’t walk, to get onboard with the Subtle Sacrament Program at Psanctuary Church!  It is easy, foolproof, safe, community supported, and perfect for the beginner.  If you have an interest in microdosing, this is the place to begin.  Everything is provided for you!  If it’s time for you to bring more grace and equanimity into your life begin here."

Susan S.

"I am getting so much from microdosing or subtle sacrament.  I have experienced everything from just a general "feeling better" to letting emotions flow (which before I would push down) when situations arise that generate those emotions.  The protocol of 3 days a week with time off in-between works well for me."

Debbie P.


Program Dates: February 9th-April 6th

We are so grateful to offer this program for introductory rates!
(will likely increase in near future) 

After applying our admin will review your application and send over links to pay.

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for 3 months

+ Cultivation Certification

$199/ 2 months

one time discounted rate + ongoing subscription

Discounted access to all live subtle sacrament and cultivation calls.

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Reduced rates are offered when purchasing multiple programs at once.

After you've completed applications for each program you're interested in we'll send you all payment package and plan options. If you'd like to apply for another program too, click here for available program options.

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"Psanctuary's Subtle Sacrament Program has had a profound impact on my meditation and spiritual practice. This 8-week initiative weaves ministership and community and holds space for sincere, personal reflection through weekly calls and online journaling. The Subtle Sacrament course is pioneering the future of connecting to Divinity by honoring the sacred expressions of the past. "

Karla G.
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