Women's 8 Week Subtle Sacrament

Minister Ordination Program and Community



More connection, education, and protection

Touch base with divine consciousness with subtle sacrament communions throughout the week. This is an intentional practice of tuning in and turning your attention inward. 

  • Subtle Sacrament 101 Course and Ordination Assessment
  • A flexible and intuitively based communion framework
  • 8 Weeks of weekly group coaching calls¬†
  • Weekly online sacrament communion reports reviewed by your group facilitator¬†
  • Private video chat group¬†for all other ministers in the program
  • Sacrament for communion during this program may be requested by the subtle sacrament minister
  • Option to enroll in the cultivation certification program¬†


Learn communication skills to bring into your relationships

Nurture a consistent routine of connecting with your divine self

Develop an intuitive subtle sacrament practice with support

Weekly Zoom Circles

The weekly virtual women's circles are held in the spirit of loving authenticity and collaboration. There will be one, 90 minute virtual women's circle call via zoom each week, for 8 weeks.

The format of each circle will stay the same with the themes shifting and will generally look like:

  • A quick state of being check-in
  • Guided meditation¬†
  • 5 minutes of prompted journaling
  • Authentic relating and communication activity
  • Subtle Sacrament practice touch base and Q&A
  • 5 minute closing meditation¬†

The circle calls are on Mondays from 6:30-8 pm ET/ 3:30-5:00 pm PT beginning on Monday, March 18th, going through Monday, May 6th.

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"I truly appreciated the authentic activities we participated in ‚ÄĒ the ancestral meditation, reflection and questions were extremely powerful and ushered me into a deeper spiritual conversation with myself, the cohort and other friends and family members. I believe this gut level honesty to be transformative. The virtual experience of community engagement because of these authentic opportunities was exceptionally improved. Even the simple techniques applied to call on others in the group, pick one to popcorn style, felt expansive and challenging at the same time as the very act built more community with in that zoom space. The variety of session ‚Äútopics‚ÄĚ and the mediations helped me focus my being. "

Cyndi, Autumn 2023 Cohort

"The open hearted flow of love and support for each other was pervasive. The meditations, journal prompts and authentic relating exercises combined into a golden alchemy for my heart and soul. I call it my 'soulcial' circle."

Maggie, Autumn 2023 Cohort

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Group Video Messaging

Throughout the Week


Spring Equinox Tea Blend

With each subtle sacrament package, you'll receive a packet of herbal spring equinox tea blend to utilize throughout your 8 weeks.

  • Nettle leaf*
  • Fennel seed*
  • Lemongrass*
  • Spearmint leaf*
  • Calendula flowers*
  • Peppermint leaf
  • Red clover*
  • Lavender flowers*
  • Blue vervain*


A spring recipe to gently and warmly open us up to receive the messages of the mushroom.

Prior to sacrament communion, our weekly live circles, or whenever you feel called throughout the week:

Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over the tea and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes or until desired strength is reached. 

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Spring: March 18th - May 6th, 2024

Weekly calls: Mondays at 6:30-8 pm ET/ 3:30-5:00 pm PT 


Applications Open Through March 3rd

After applying our admin will review your application and send over links to pay during the open payment period.

Payment Periods:
Enrollment Period Open February 8th - March 7th

One Time Payment


For 8 Week Program


Payment Plan


For 3 Months


Reduced rates are offered to: 

Veterans, Active Military and First Responders with proof of service.

Those who are experiencing financial hardship and complete our financial hardship application.

We offer one full scholarship per minister program cohort.


"'My favorite part of the program was' the interaction of the women and Courtney’s excellent facilitator skills"

Julie, Autumn 2023 Cohort

"Psanctuary's Subtle Sacrament Program has had a profound impact on my meditation and spiritual practice. This 8-week initiative weaves ministership and community and holds space for sincere, personal reflection through weekly calls and online journaling. The Subtle Sacrament course is pioneering the future of connecting to Divinity by honoring the sacred expressions of the past. "

Karla, Friends and Family Minister
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