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Prep and Integration Coaching with Eric Osborne

A true expert's perspective. A place to bring all the parts of preparing for and integrating your experience. Eric has seen it all.

Working with Eric


An Excerpt from Eric's Journey with Sacrament


"My first mushroom trip was, as for most 20 year olds, recreational. I could go back through the whole evening, recounting the psychedelic imagery and the sense of returning to my origin but it really isn't that different from the trip tales of most first timers. I was in love though that is for sure. It was truly as if I had found my place of belonging. The most valuable communication I received then and still the most relevant to this day was this:

It, the mushrooms, my super consciousness, The Voice said as the experience began to fade.

"It's all energy Eric."

"All of it?" I responded in disbelief, looking at the walls, the sofa, the people, my own hands.

"All of it. Everything. It is all energy and that is all there is."

It seemed so simple, yet so life altering. It changed how I understood and interpreted what is simplistically referred to as reality. But as those who know the mushroom know, this understanding as it was revealed to me then, has continued to unfold into a depth of comprehension and experience that cannot be explained. Material, emotions, thoughts, memories, action, inaction, color, light, sound, taste, you name it, it is all energy. It is all in motion and transmuting. It is impossible for me to describe the depth of 'integration' that this single transmission from the mushroom has required and allowed."

The Mushrooms Made Me This Way
-Eric Osborne

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Coaching works best with a roadmap, and particularly when communing with sacrament. The sweet spot in getting momentum going with a new prep and integration program is 3 months. This is the perfect amount of time to craft a picture of what it is about your life you'd like to shift, get clear on specific intentions, and work with your coach to navigate any challenges arising. 

A typical 30-60 minute coaching session looks like this:

  • Touch base and guided alignment meditation (5-10 minutes).
  • Revisit main elements of your unique vision map and specific 3 month intentions (5-10 minutes).
  • Celebrating milestones and navigating current challenges (10-20 minutes).
  • Weekly intention setting (5-10 minutes).
  • Closing meditation (5-10 minutes).
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3 Month Coaching Session Framework:

Session 1


Crafting your vision and path forward. Let's follow the feeling towards what lights YOU up and set specific intentions for the next 3 months.

60 Minutes

Session 2


Let's hone in on your current state of being and re-tune towards your intentions. This session is typically where the magic begins to happen.

60 Minutes

Session 3


Bring your big challenges to this session. We'll utilize your vision and follow the feeling to re-align with that which you set out to realize in session 1.

30 Minutes


Session 4


Moving forward, let's craft a plan that allows you to maintain the deeper connection with your self and vision that you've attained. 

30 Minutes

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We'll use the 5 principles of Authentic Relating to guide our sessions:
1) Welcome Everything: We welcome all of the emotions on the human spectrum. This is not a place to feel like you need to put your happy and face on and pretend you’re feeling something you’re not.
2) Assume Nothing: Our human brain is wired to categorize and put things in boxes which helps us survive in the world in our bodies. I see you behind the wheel of the car so I assume you are driving. When we do this with emotions in relationships when we assume without getting clarifications someone is feeling a certain way we can create a blockage.
3) Revel Your Experience: We are taught that it’s very vulnerable to show what goes on in the inside. We are taught to keep a poker face and act professional so no one knows we’re hurt or bothered. Here we reveal our experience and the more vulnerable and raw, the better. Its only when we reveal our true feelings that others can authentically relate to this experience.
4) Own Your Experience: When we feel negative or low vibration emotions (shame, sadness, anger) we can feel bad about feeling them. What authentic relating says however is that every emotion is valid. If we feel it then it’s ok to be feeling it. You have the right to your subjective feeling and experience.
5) Honor Your Self and the Other: If you feel in an interaction or game that you need to step away for a moment for some space or alone time to breath, honor that. If there is someone else that feels an emotion in response to that, that’s ok. This is all about discovering what’s really happening in the moment and practicing setting the intention for the discovery and the context of sharing.

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