MTI is a ministry of Psanctuary Sacred Mushroom Church and is Psanctuary's official preparation and integration platform. Our ministers support church and community members alike to maximize positive outcomes from their intentional spiritual communions with our sacrament, the sacred mushroom.

As the name suggests, we recognize integration as being multifaceted, offering unique ways to integrate our spiritual experiences with the mushroom that you don't typically find in mainstream integration programs (think: movement, energy work, meditation, communication workshops, and much more)

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Requirements of MTI Ministers

1) Ordained MySelf Minister 

2) Enroll in and complete the Friends and Family Minister program within 1 years time of becoming an MTI coach

3) Successfully host 3 virtual members only workshops or in person community circles

4) Need to be an official Psanctuary member in good standing 

5) Have your own payment platform and way to book clientele (email, calendly, etc), and meeting software (like zoom, google meets, etc). 

6) Donation to Psanctuary from client revenue not required but welcomed  

*MTI ministers will be encouraged to continue hosting virtual workshops and in person circles to our community, and promote your offerings on your own social media pages (can request our MTI branding elements to incorporate into your promotional materials).

MTI ministers offer a variety of complimentary, donation based, and paid services including in-person and online workshops and circles, in depth group and 1:1 coaching sessions for individuals, couples and specialized populations.

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Read and agree to our "MTI Playground Rules Agreement"


Book a 30 minute, 1:1 application call with Courtney


Upon application approval, we'll list your MTI Minister bio on our MTI home page with a link to your website

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Have questions before you apply?

Reach out to Psanctuary and MTI Director of Operations, Courtney Rose 

Email Courtney