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More Than Integration


A place where navigating your challenges around preparing for and integrating your sacrament communions are welcome. Preparing for and integrating experiences with the sacred mushroom is a dynamic journey.

Our team of trained and ordained ministers are each coming from their own unique background with different expertise to support your spiritual practice with the mushroom.

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We have an intensive vetting process for each one of our listed MTI ministers which includes: 

  • Completing an 8+ week ordination process with Psanctuary church complete with education, assessments, call attendance, and more
  • Leadership of in-person and virtual workshops for Psanctuary church members and community prior to being listed in our MTI directory
  • Interviews and check-ins with each minister for support and feedback with their specific type of spiritual coaching practice


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Courtney Rose

  • Psanctuary co-founder and Vice President
  • Friends and Family Minister and Women's Circle Facilitator
Practice communication skills and appreciative inquiry within a framework of authentic relating.


Coaching with Courtney

Eric Osborne

  • Psanctuary co-founder and President
  • Community Minister¬†and¬†Minister Educator
One of the most experienced mushroom facilitators in the world. Bring your biggest mushroom trips here.


Coaching with Eric

Amy Samuelson

  • Psanctuary Treasurer and Secretary
  • Friends and Family Minister and Subtle Sacrament Program Facilitator
Take a look at the limiting beliefs you are holding and make some space to let go and re-imagine what's more true to you.


Coaching with Amy

Bill Protzmann

  • Friends and Family Minister
  • Psanctuary Meet Your Power Music Workshop Facilitator

Learn to leverage your most fundamental mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual tools using the music you love.


Coaching with Bill

Jon Clark

  • Friends and Family Minister
  • Psanctuary¬†Posturdelic Workshops

The "go-to" guy for people who are coming to the sacrament seeking relief from chronic pain.


Coaching with Jon

Mushrooms at Home 101 with Psilocybin Says

Preparation is as much of the mushroom trip as the day of the trip itself. In this episode Courtney and Eric recount their most important, 101 approaches to getting ready for a planned, intentional mushroom dose.

What is it like being on mushrooms? We do our best to eff the ineffable. With Courtney and Eric fresh off a group sacrament camping retreat with 24 Psanctuary members, and both having had recent solo deep dive mushroom communions, diving into the ins and outs of the mushroom experience feels like 2nd nature today.

How to integrate? It is simpler than you think but not at easy as it seems. Our multidimensional conversation illustrates the many paths to integrating your sacred mushroom experiences.



Preparation, coaching, intention setting, minister support, integration - all excellent.

Shayna Thomas

Psanctuary Retreat Attendee

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An opportunity to explore where you're at on your sacrament and integration journey and next steps moving forward with a coach.



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