More Than Integration

Preparation and Integration Coaching


We support church and community members alike to maximize positive outcomes from their intentional spiritual communions with sacrament.

We host in person circles, online workshops (coming soon), and in depth group and 1:1 coaching sessions for individuals and couples.

 We Partner with Sacrament Churches to 
Incorporate Prep and Integration Coaching into Group Retreats

Private 1:1 Coaching


Two, 1:1 Coaching calls with Courtney or Eric are included in preparation for and continued integration of Private Sacrament Services with Select Churches.

4 Week Group Coaching


Group Coaching calls with Courtney and Eric, custom courses with workbooks are included in our programs developed for Group Sacrament Retreats: 2 Weeks of preparation before and 2 weeks of continued integration following.

Pre-Marital Coaching


Want to ensure you and your partner are on the same page before entering into sacred union together? For members of select sacrament churches, we offer coaching sessions with Eric or Courtney prior to your wedding ceremony.

Eric Osborne

Having legally administered more than 3000 doses of sacrament and leading hundreds of group integration sessions, Eric is one of the world's experts in group entheogen sessions and integration. His clients have come from a vast array of demographics; CEO's of multi-million dollar corporations, retired CIA operatives, NASA scientists, first responders of all types, blue collar, middle class and more.

Eric lived through chronic depression, multiple divorces, traumatic life events, and carried the burden of Religious Shame and Guilt for too long. After 20 years of working with sacrament he discovered these programs that MTI is now offering you.

He's experienced first hand that working with sacrament is a primary way to reconnect with your true nature - but that's only half the work. It takes a certain way of thinking, support, and accountability to live a happy and successful life.

Coaching with Eric

Courtney Rose

Courtney has extensive experience as Director of Operations for an international psychedelic wellness organization, a BA in Public Health Education and Minor in Wellness Coaching from UofL and was certified in 2013 as a WellCoaches coach.

Thriving in unique and challenging environments she is accustomed to a life that requires her to push her boundaries daily. 

As a competitive figure skater in her youth Courtney trained on and off ice, for more than a decade to reach the highest level of accomplishment in two different United States Figure Skating (USFS) disciplines. 

Courtney has re-discovered her true self through her spiritual practice with sacrament communion combined with the same programs MTI is offering you. 

Coaching with Courtney

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