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Preparation and Integration Weekly Workshop Series

Next Series Returning in Spring, 2023!

A weekly series online via Zoom. 


Kind of like a gym membership but for your spiritual sacrament practice*, this series is an auto renewing subscription (weekly, monthly or go ahead and set yourself up for success by registering for the full 3 month series). 

  • Rolling Series: you can come in any time! We've designed this program to be flexible.
  • One, 60-minute Group Workshop Call Each Week.
  • Open to all of our community members; (Members from select sacrament churches do, however, receive a discounted rate).
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Weeks 1-4

Harm Reduction and Preparing for a Sacrament Communion*

Weeks 5-8

Navigating The Experience Itself

Weeks 9-12

Integrating Feelings, Insights and New Perspectives

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The Facilitators

As co-founders of Psanctuary Sacred Mushroom Church, both Eric and Courtney come from a sincere practice of a combined 35 years of working with Sacred Mushrooms. Each of them brings unique gifts to the preparation and integration workshop space.

Each week they will rotate leading different types of workshops:

➡️One week Courtney leads the group through authentic relating activities that allow you to practice communicating feelings and needs with courage and ease. 

➡️The next week Eric hones in on the many facets of the sacrament communion itself.

Eric Osborne

Minister and President, Psanctuary Church


Courtney Rose

Lead Coach and Vice President, Psanctuary Church


Eric Leads Sacrament Communion Specific Workshops Every Other Week

Bring a notebook and an open mind to Eric’s workshops. He covers a broad array of topics and will lead you through personal exercises to ensure you’re ready for your next legal* sacrament communion.

Topics Include:

  1. Harm Reduction and Preparation
  2. Sacrament support or no sacrament support, that is the question.
  3. Personal, special, and physical preparation.
  4. Materials
  5. The experience itself
  6. Within
  7. Without
  8. Varieties of the sacrament
  9. Processing Content
  10. Writing
  11. Verbal Sharing
  12. Physical Processing


"In my previous experiences, I didn't do anything so it was easier for it to slip away as time passed. Coaching and attending Psanctuary helped me realize the importance of continuous practice and the need for community in order to reap the full benefits."

Courtney Leads Authentic Relating Workshops Every Other Week

After a sacred mushroom experience, we are often left feeling opened up and not sure how to communicate all of these new feelings and perspectives with others. Authentic relating activities give us a safe and simple format to do just that. These practices are a collection of extensively tested and facilitator-led experiences that give participants a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection. 


See an example below of Courtney leading Eric through an Authentic Relating Activity we call “Noticing”. This is not choreographed folks; going into this Psilocybin Says podcast episode they had planned to focus on a completely different topic, but Eric was in a really low place and that wasn't feeling in the flow.

They decided to pay attention to what was there and show you all what it sounds like to move through and transmute feelings within an authentic relating container.


"I enjoyed the weekly group zoom sessions and the authentic conversations we had. I liked looking at myself in a new and different way."

Weekly Subscription

$25 / Week

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Monthly Subscription

$80 / month

For those who would prefer to pay month to month

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3 Month Series In Full

$190 total

Perfect if you're committed to making the most of your time with the sacrament

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5 Principles We Come Back To During These Workshops:
1) Welcome Everything: We welcome all of the emotions on the human spectrum. This is not a place to feel like you need to put your happy and face on and pretend you’re feeling something you’re not.
2) Assume Nothing: Our human brain is wired to categorize and put things in boxes which helps us survive in the world in our bodies. I see you behind the wheel of the car so I assume you are driving. When we do this with emotions in relationships when we assume without getting clarifications someone is feeling a certain way we can create a blockage.
3) Revel Your Experience: We are taught that it’s very vulnerable to show what goes on in the inside. We are taught to keep a poker face and act professionally so no one knows we’re hurt or bothered. Here we reveal our experience and the more vulnerable and raw, the better. It's only when we reveal our true feelings that others can authentically relate to this experience.
4) Own Your Experience: When we feel negative or low vibration emotions (shame, sadness, anger) we can feel bad about feeling them. Our belief is that every emotion is valid. If we feel it then it’s ok to be feeling it. You have the right to your subjective feeling and experience.
5) Honor Your Self and the Other: If you feel in an interaction or activity that you need to step away for a moment for some space or alone time to breathe, honor that. If there is someone else that feels an emotion in response to that, that’s ok. This is all about discovering what’s really happening in the moment and practicing setting the intention for the discovery and the context of sharing.


"Before coaching I could journal and contemplate the experience, but finding people with an understanding of it to talk about it can be challenging."

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Spring, 2023

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*Psanctuary does not endorse the illegal use of psilocybin or any other substance. The intentions of this program is to support our members and provide harm reduction for those that are not members. For more information on our rights to practice our faith, please see our Legal Notice Here and Terms and Conditions Here.