Become a Member

The Mission of Psanctuary is to shepherd a non-denominational, international faith-based community that centers around communion with our sacrament for personal, communal and global healing with the divine.

Our 5 Step Membership Process

  • Step 1: Submit one time setup fee ($35) and then choose a monthly donation tier ($10, $20, or $30): See Step 1 section below.
  • Step 2: Login to your member portal and complete application
  • Step 3: Read and agree to Code of Ethics
  • Step 4: Read and sign Liability Waiver
  • Step 5: Schedule a discovery call. With our new group call format online via zoom, our new members have an opportunity to get to know some other new members whilst learning more about our community, mission, and happenings at Psanctuary.

Step 1: Choose your monthly donation tier

Like the mycelial network we seek to emulate, Psanctuary relies on the support and resources of our community, while giving back health and wholeness to the same. 

We seek to create a nationwide and eventually global community that contributes to the healing of humanity. Your support is incredibly valuable as we grow and even after we are established. 

Like a sliding scale system, we ask our members to choose which membership tier they would like. Whichever tier you chose, you will receive all of the same member benefits and access. You can contact us to alter your membership tier at any time.

$10 Monthly Membership
$20 Monthly Membership
$30 Monthly Membership