5 Night Group Retreat for Church Members









July 17th-22nd, 2022 Retreat Details Coming Very Soon!

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Retreat Updates

Retreat availability and cost is largely depending on available property availability and cost. We aim to host group retreats every 2-3 months.

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For Active Psanctuary Members Only

Here are some details on what is included:


-Arrival day: Sunday, July 17th (check-in by 4pm ET).
-Departure day: Friday, July 22nd (check-out at 11am ET).
*The service location is in Columbus, Indiana. The closest airport is Louisville, KY SDF airport (about 1 hour and 15 minutes away) where Ubers and Lyfts are available. Exact address to service location provided closer to date.

-We are now able to offer different rooming options priced according to private or shared bedroom and whether or not you are coming as an individual or as a couple. Pricing options vary depending on aforementioned variables. Please see below pricing cards for options available.

-Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included (we encourage you to bring your own snacks for service day where there will not be lunch). 

-2 mushroom sacrament services with 3-6 other Psanctuary Church members, with Psanctuary's lead minister, Eric Osborne and two church clerics (male and female) present for support.

-Daily group integration before and after your sacramental service during the retreat week.

-4 weeks of intentional online coaching support (2 weeks of preparation before and 2 weeks of integration following; 1, 90 minute group coaching session each week) from Psanctuary's More Than Integration program with Eric and Courtney. These calls will take place every Thursday at 12 pm eastern time starting on Thursday, July 7th, the final call being on Thursday, August 4th (no call during retreat week). 

*Payment is to go towards fees associated with lodging, meals, administrative efforts to organize and provide coaching support for before, during and after the retreat and not ever for sacrament.

The sacrament is given by the church to members for communion at this service (and for communion at this service only) for no charge.* 

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I attended a three day retreat and consider it a most positive experience. To be in the company and care of dedicated and compassionate people allowed me to feel at ease before, during, and after communion. The small group setting encouraged camaraderie and the sharing of personal stories.  Integration before and after helped prepare for, and more fully consider the experience afterwards. The meals were ample, varied, and so delicious. I cannot think of a single need that wasn’t thought of and provided. I would and most certainly hope to return for another retreat.

Paso Robles, Ca.


My personal experience with psilocybin began at a retreat in Jamaica but left me wanting to further explore the therapeutic and spiritual aspects of the “medicine.” My subsequent psilocybin sacrament with Psanctuary facilitated a spiritual connection with a divine Consciousness that imparted many impactful messages, both comforting and inspirational. The ongoing relationship with the Psanctuary community along with the guidance of clergy and staff helped me to prepare for and integrate the experience. I believe that, through all that Psanctuary has to offer, I can continue to learn, grow, and perhaps one day achieve my true spiritual potential. 


Louisville, Kentucky