Camping by the Cave 2 Night Retreat

August 5th-7th at a Kentucky Preserve









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One thing that was great about coaching with Courtney and Eric was the level of trust and confidence I had in their knowledge and experience. The fact that they've seen so many other people through it all really helped me feel comfortable, because I could tell that there wasn't really anything I could do or say that would "throw" them. Their own humility and willingness to share their own struggles is a real connecting force -- the total lack of "guru" energy and the feeling that we're all in this together, being human and doing our best really set the stage for sharing on a heart level. There was very much a sense of non-judgmentalness that allowed me to feel more comfortable being vulnerable and talking about hard things.



To be in the company and care of dedicated and compassionate people allowed me to feel at ease before, during, and after taking the sacrament. The small group setting encouraged camaraderie and the sharing of personal stories.  Integration before and after helped prepare for, and more fully consider the experience afterwards. The meals were ample, varied, and so delicious. I cannot think of a single need that wasn’t thought of and provided. I would and most certainly hope to return for another retreat.

Paso Robles, Ca.

Sample Camping
Retreat Menu

Healthy, vegetarian meals are provided during the retreat (we encourage you to bring your own snacks between meals and for service day when there will not be breakfast or lunch served). 

On the morning of our sacrament communion, a very light breakfast (if any food) is recommended if you bring your own food.  

healthy dinner is provided following sacrament services. On integration day we will have a healthy breakfast and lunch.

See our sample menu here (meals will vary but will be similar to those listed).


My personal experience with psilocybin began at a retreat in Jamaica but left me wanting to further explore the therapeutic and spiritual aspects of the “medicine.” My subsequent psilocybin sacrament with Psanctuary facilitated a spiritual connection with a divine Consciousness that imparted many impactful messages, both comforting and inspirational. The ongoing relationship with the Psanctuary community along with the guidance of clergy and staff helped me to prepare for and integrate the experience. I believe that, through all that Psanctuary has to offer, I can continue to learn, grow, and perhaps one day achieve my true spiritual potential. 

Louisville, Kentucky

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In my previous experiences I didn't do anything so it was easier for it to slip away as time passed. Coaching and attending Psanctuary helped me realize the importance of continuous practice and the need for community in order to reap the full benefits.


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